Who’s This Phobie?

I saw this Phobie I didn’t know while I was watching the launch trailer, in the picture below in the bottom left corner is a skeleton-like phobie, It’s not on the Phobies fandom page so now I’m wondering what it is. A deleted phobie? A phobie to come? A old design for Jackalope King? Let me what you think. (Bye the way Phobies I’ve been playing for two months now and I love the game!!! )

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probably an old unreleased phobie; looks like a resurect phobie but you need to wait a phobies moderator to explain better.
apart you look that 2 uni-corn before and the max phobies? actualy are 133 and that says 150, realy a lot.

That’s an unreleased phobie that appeared in the trailer.
If you check carefully you can find others :eyes:

At the moment these phobies are a mystery. :eye:

i see double uni corn; a glich maybe.

I just realized, that looking back this is Daisy one of the new Phobies