Win trading at high ranks

Haven’t seen a thread about this yet so just want to make the devs aware. There are people at the highest ranks quite clearly win trading. Just look at the leaderboard. Look at the replays of the top ranked guy with a 90% win rate. He has multiple games against the same few people that end after turn 2 or 3. They’re either conceding or just stop playing the match to give him the win and I’m sure it’s the same with others if you dig further.

if you’re talking about player with 3.6k+ arena points they are just dropping points to get faster matchmaking time because it can an hour to get a single match if your score too high

It’s not really win-trading it’s just the result of levels - A lot of people concede games on turn 2 or 3 if the opponent has phobies that are like 8-12 levels higher than yours (which is fair) and since so many players just give up like that, the ones with super high levels end up at ratings where it’s really hard to find games so they concede a bunch to drop their rating which then allows them to play.