2v2 game mode

You guys should create a 2v2 game mode on big maps. To increase the fun of playing with friends. For example clash Royale did this and it attracted many players to the game.


Hi Bama12 I had the same Idea as you.

  1. it whould be fun with your friends alsou it whould extend the frenemies

  2. it could be normal mode like arena and async we could get tears and coffe and rank exp (you can chose friend or random team mate)

but I agree with this idea

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Yeah I have the same idea

Eso estaria muy genial pero yo creo que smokingun esta tratando de ser lo más equitativo y justo posible ,y al poner un modo estilo equipos en partida estaría muy…arriesgado debido a los ultra famosos “bad random” ,lo más cercano qué creo que meterían seria el de clanes ya qué eso es más seguro para evitar la toxicidad


With friendly fire! that would be really interesting and fun.

Yeah. I don’t think it would be hard to implement. Expand the map quite a bit, have one keyhole per person. Maybe a shared one as well in the center.