MULTIPLAYER 2 versus 2 “DUO” mode

I have one of the most amazing topics for suggestion. It may have been a thought that had crossed someone’s mind but I definitely think this needs to be taken more seriously. Here goes:

Phobies TEAMS! So for example just how some maps have two spawn points, it would be similar to that however each team member would own their own spawn point. It would essentially be 2 versus 2 - and if necessary the battlefield can be a bit bigger. Now i’m not silly. I know that the turn based system would take some serious focus to make that work, but I know that this would make this game be at the top of the food (app game) chain. If you can somehow take the game from just’ one serious opponent versus another’ to ‘two people working together against two opponents working together’ - it will be a ‘game’ changer. This will allow more of a friendship element and adding friends to a friends list. It will encourage the game to be shared more because there can be a companions! I’ve been in the sales and creative industry for 15 years and this is a drop dead no-brainer.