Please add a 2v2 mode, PLEASE!

why not adding a 2 vs 2 game mode, i mean Adding a 2 vs 2 mode in the game would be nice cuz:
Playing with a partner can be more engaging and fun than playing alone. Adding a 2 vs 2 mode can introduce new strategic possibilities that are not present in a 1 vs 1 mode. Players can coordinate their moves and develop more complex strategies that take advantage of their partner’s strengths and Adding a new game mode can increase the replayability of a game, as players have more options to explore and master. This can lead to a longer lifespan for the game and a more engaged player base. in true the game should have more game modes, it would be really nice.

In my opinion 2v2 is probably a bad idea because there’s just too many problems with it:

  1. You’re splitting the player base up into more modes and the game isn’t really big enough to do this. You’d end up with very long queue timers and probably even more unbalanced matches.

  2. The games would feel super long since you’d have to wait for 3 other players turn rather than just one opponents turn.

  3. It would probably just be total chaos, there would be so many things to keep track of…

  4. If you can choose who to queue up with some players would end up at ranks where they don’t really belong by playing together with someone who has much more experience / a more powerful account which makes matchmaking weird.

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at least they could made a ranked mode (for the ranking level) in wich all the phobies are level 1 (battles can get REALLY unfair)

If they did this no one would take the other modes seriously and their business model is based around players spending money - so will probably never happen :sweat_smile: (that said I would love a level 1 mode if they find some other way to keep the game alive). :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree we do need a 2v2 mode it just makes sense.

Nice thought but very unlikely, you would HAVE to be on arena mode because imagine playing with someone who cant play with you right now and you lose because of them, and timers would need to be VERY LONG so that you can decide what you and your partner would do, and one more problem is that you and your partner could have two of the same phobies, imagine trying to win against TWO BOSSES on the same team