A legendary game?

do you want to make a legendary game? Remove Levels from phobias, or at least limited It to 10 lvl, for exemple, its easy to reach and the difference between the players would not be that much, let the game be fair for everyone. Oww won’t they make money? Change the way you monetize, battle passes, cosmetics, skins, taunt packs, anything else that doesn’t affect the balance between players. is the game good? Yeeesss, one of the best I’ve played, but unfortunately it won’t last long and will be forgotten by players who leave the game. I want to be able to play this game without a calculator on the side. the game has potential, but then I ask you developers: do you want a legendary game that lasts for a long time and attracts more and more players, or do you want to earn a little money for a few months and make a game that will be forgotten in less than 1 year? that’s up to you.


unfortunately mobile games are designed to get money right off the bat
because they know most of them dont last a year.

so they purposely design them to be appealing at the start but then turn into grind fests.

its mobile 101

they hook with a nice concept, decent gfx, and your are like ooooh cool game. then spend money,. they the game starts to bog down and turn into grind/power creep. and the people who have already spent money want to stick around to justify their purchases.

none of these games are designed to have lasting appeal.

its just the sad state of gaming now days.

they want you to pay for the privilege of the game not sucking.