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i want to like this game, i want to stream this game.

but we need to talk :slight_smile:

so being a game based on strategy. having certain units behind paywalls is pretty much a killer right off the bat.
you can argue that free users can in theory obtain the upper tier units. but thats just not realistic.
the odds to get an ultra rare are 0.06%
and free users get to open 1 card per day on average. thats just unrealistic.

being a strategy game. having access to units is the core part of the game.
you have to be able to counter pick against certain units. if they play a tanky robot… and you dont have a ranged unit with decent damage + electricity… you’re in for a bad time.

yes strategy and movement matter. but a vast majority of the time… it comes down to what units you have access to.

that being said. i cant support this game or promote it via streaming in this current state. its just not realist or friendly to its non paying players.

i understand games need to make money. but removing the core part of the game (unit access) to monetize the game… is bad.

how it SHOULD be set up…

everyone needs access to every unit. period. which means everyone gets every unit for free right off the bat.
this is the core game. this should not even be debated. without every unit some people are clearly at a handicap. and making people pay to NOT be at a handicap is super scummy. again i cant support this game until this changes.

your paying players should have an easier time to level up… access to more xp, cards, etc
as well as possibly skins and other incentives to pay. maybe even different spell effects or “shinys” or any other number of ways to monetize this game.
give them emotes to use in matches… anything

but DO NOT paywall units.

unfortunately i do not see this changes.
so i’ll be packing my bags. and as much as i wanted to like this game… i’ll have to just let it go like so many other greedy mobiles like it in the past.

thanks frenemies. :slight_smile:


U guys should read this

Same here, I really like this game but I’m so tired of this. I can’t spend a lot of money and honestly I don’t want to, I already paid 30€ and this game deserves 40€ máximum, but not a cent more. The last phobies I’ve got are Flopsy, CottonTale and Snakey, and I bought like 20 boosters to got those 3 phobies whose are mediocre to not say useless while I find Beauty, Smother mother, Fire ant, Alastor… I was thinking to spend another 10€ but I don’t think is worth so I’ll leave it here. It’s a shame cause it is a cool game, actually the best phone game I ever tried, but it’s just so unworthy of anyone’s time and wallet with that p2w, p2p, p, p, p, mentality.

Laughable :laughing:

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Hey mate, dont leave this game yet! Give it a few more months then decide - as developers may change their thinking over time. Pray for the best!

I was your opponent. You played poorly that led to your loss. You made 3 early mistakes that cost you map position even if those cards were less in level it wouldn’t have mattered. You also gave up with over 25 keys to go. Is that the fault of the devs? No. Sure the prospect of facing someone with higher cards can happen but when the game is old enough those players will be in other leagues. The game is still young. It has its flaws but every mobile game does. You can just learn to be better? Don’t want to come off as rude but i have lost to opponents with lower cards. They just outplay me. Its that simple. Anyway this game is special and i didn’t want your remark to put a stain on a game that is balanced fairly well despite its young age. More support and constructive criticism less rage quits.

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Hi Veera.
I am not a good player, I just played for fun and to be honest, I’m really bad in some maps, especially that one we had. But rewardless that, when I saw Snowball appear, then Alastor and so on, and also seeing you burn all the time of your turn doing nothing but what was already did (don’t really know if it was you trying to force a fast surrender or a bad connection) I obviously stoped pulling out phobies, just passed turns instantly to die fast.
Sure the game is young and flaws could be and are understanded, but I don’t think that’s it’s problem, it’s more of a greedy point of view and lack of care for the game and the players. Things like exp/tears/coffe cap, the price of the packs and that we can’t do the most awful quests ever even with friends are just unacceptable.
So answering your question, yeah, I could ptractice and try to be better, but I don’t think it’s worth my time, no offense, but I prefer to do other things.
Besides that, I did constructive criticism (tried to pull a decent tier list for new players like me, gave feedback in order to improve aspects of the game…) and I supported the game already (32€).
The thing is, Is the game worth my time, my money, and my effort to help it grow? In my opinion no, because I don’t feel any reciprocity.
We have far different opinions, and that’s ok. You want this game to be sucsessful (so am I) but maybe it also deserves the stain for the moment.


HEY GUYS! Chill out!
We all love the game that’s why we’re here. We all have different needs and wants. But the end goal is still the same… we want the game to do well!

I guess the best thing to do is to let the developers know… but in a polite way.

And it’s really sad to see people leave after playing a few weeks (or months) after finding things they don’t like. Give the game so time!

5 months have passed, I wonder the devs really listen to the players. It seems like nothing has changed. Please learn something from Supercell Clash Royale, just look at how they give the cards to the players, using the pyramid system.

I didn’t play the game back when this post was originally made but I started shortly after. I only joined this forum to see things change. I have my gripes which I am very quick to voice and affirm when I see other people have the same criticisms. However, we do need to be kind to the devs. I agree that it seems like things don’t get addressed that players want addressed, but the game is still young.

Dear devs, please hear us out. At least just let us know you’ve heard us. If our suggestions are impossible to implement, please just tell us that we know when to quit asking (leveling gaps, coffee grinding, no new phobies in while, ect…) I want to keep playing this game and I want to be able to recommend it to more people, but unless I know they are a very committed and devoted gamer, I just can’t recommend. It’s simply not fun for a casual or f2p player. It’s unfair, grindy and we haven’t seen any real signs of the game changing in any way. Love the game, please just let us know you are listening.