About the rewards, quest, shop

Hi ! I discovered your game yesterday. I Played around 12h, and I really enjoy this game. Animations are very cool, phobie’s cards are amazing, everything is good, except the economics’s system…
Some ideas for a better system :

-No limit of tears/xp per day : Why play more if the rewards is cancelled ?

-Rework quests : 5 coffee per day… The same for a win… No no is too low. 50 is the minimum. XP is good, but we need tears too, how spend XP without tears ? Only with money ? No thanks…
Make daily quest, week quest, month quest, I think this system keep up for playing more. The key of a good game is not “make money ASAP” but “retain customers”.

-Game pass permanant ? Ready to pay 20-30€ for more rewards each day, and I think a lot of people love your game and paid for it.

Your game is very cool, really, but the economic’s system is going to kill the pleasure. Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me. Have a nice day, I hope dev see this and react.
Cheers :wink:


Yeah a game pass would fit perfect in this game, I find it quite a lot of potential.