Daily Quests

Hi, just a little feedback about the daily quest.

Why you guys have to be so mean by giving such difficult quests to be completed.

Capture/recapture with certain Phobies
Kill certain Phobies with certain Phobies (I have one with Ted, seriously Ted? Do you developers even use Ted?)

We play games to relieve stress, not to add more on top of the existing one. I feel like doing OT after work when playing this game if the quests need so much time and luck to complete it.

You guys can’t just frustrate the players and pray hard they will break or go loose, and make in-game purchase. We can just leave bad review about this at the store and soon no one will support the game.

Please listen, I love strategy games, and I found your game is really having potential. Please cherish and appreciate your supporters.

I didn’t ask much, just make the quests more simple:
Capture/recapture panic point. Period.
Kill certain type of Phobies. Period.

I’m not able to top up much in game, but I’m willing to introduce it to more friends. But this make me think twice as how I’m gonna tell them to play even the daily quests are so hard. Only one re-roll chance, daily rewards having cap, seriously who think of this should be fired from the team.

Thank you for listening (if you do)

Coming in a little hot but yes your complaints are valid. They are pretty much useless except for starting 4 matches each day.

Devs, no one, not even serious players can complete these quests every day. I literally forgot about daily quests, because I never can complete them in a day. They simply are too specific and/or hard. Day quests should be easy xp and tears/coffee every day to rewards loyal players. It’s an easy fix. Please make it. We love this game if we are on the forums, so please hear our suggestions. The game is for us after all. So if we want something that’s an easy fix and will encourage more casual players, please do us all a favor and make changes. There haven’t been any big structure changes in a while which need to be addressed. You’re going to start losing players if there are no signs of issues eventually being addressed.

Thanks for submitting your suggestion/s ! We appreciate our playerbase’s recommendations in improving the game, but do note that not all suggestions could make it into the game as it depends on how feasible it is to include in the game, and if the team thinks your suggestion is good it could potentially take a while to see it in the game.

Anyway, I have added your suggestion/s in my monthly Community Suggestions report!