Tear Daily Limit Is Too Low

Hello fellow players and devs, i never bother giving reviews or feedback, but this game is awesome and i want to contribute with some feedback in the hopes this will lead to an eventual change in the game which will make me stay and spend more money / time in it.

The tear daily limit is too low (as the title says), now i know you guys need money and i get it that capping activbity based resource generation helps push people in the “toss a coin to your witcher” direction. But honestly it drives people away from the game, because when i reach the cap i’m like “do i get in and play for 1 - 5 coffee?”, and the tear cap is reached after 4 wins (if im not mistaken, also i’ve not found where to check the actual cap but i know it’s around 1200).

I play 15-20 matches per day, but that number is starting to dwindle because i feel like very quickly im not getting anything out of the game, just waiting for the 8 hour free jack to reset with the game closed.

The 1k tear pack is VERY underwhelming, that’s cool don’t change it, and i know you can’t eliminate the tear cap, because then you need to worry about botting and other balance issues between free guys and pay guys. But at least make the tear daily cap 2k or 3k, if i win 10 games in a day, at least reward me with the second tier pack.

The game is fresh and fun, async mode is great but i also enjoy the arena, but sadly right now when my friends ask me “is that card game you are playing any good”, my answer is “it’s good, but its way too slow for free players”. I would dare say, it’s kinda slow for paying players unless you are lucky and willing to spend what it feels a lot for a card roullette that could fall on 00.

As a final though, rewarding more the free players will make them stay and when they stay they spend, and recommend to friends who come and pay. If i uninstall because i feel it’s not even a reasonable grind, of course when my friends ask me i will say “don’t even bother with this game”, so it’s important to tip a bit more the scale to the side of players who want to trade time for money.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the wall of text :slight_smile:


We’re all waiting on NekoRei to give us the verdict. Will see what happens.


Oh sounds good i was not aware, just throwing my two cents

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This is interesting and i agree with you the game need more increasing in rewards especially tears also giving compensation reward for maintenance

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I agree. Daily limit of tear should be higher. Game is fun but the limit of reward makes people turn back on the game.

Thanks for your feedback. I just relayed this to our dev team for consideration. :slight_smile: