Reward System and Pack Value, Changes

I really like this game, the gameplay is super fun and I love the unique characters. The only thing I despise about this game is the pack system. What I mean by this are the things like tear pack, and coffee packs. And this is because I think the way of earning these packs are way to difficult. In order to get a terrifying pack you need to obtain 300 coffee. This is very hard to do because you only get 5 per match. And 10 per day from the lippy quest. And every week you get coffe based on how many matches you play. But you have to play like 42 matches per week to get 90 coffee. Which is a lot of matches and these games take pretty long. All this to get one pack which has like a 50% chance of getting a phobie. In total if you play every day per week which is 7 days so 40 coffee per day if you do everything, plus the weekly reward which is like 80 coffee that gives you a total of about only 350 coffee. This is way too time consuming for a mobile game and you barely get any reward from the pack. You guys need to fix this in order to attract new players and keep them playing your game. Others games like clash royale which is very popular has much shorter matches and you get rewards from every match that can give you special cards. So I think seeing how clash royale is a very popular game that changing your reward system will greatly improve your game. To start I think you should be able to get 25 coffee per match instead of 5 so you can get a terrifying pack every 2 days which I think is way more reasonable. Then for tears I think you should be able to get 500 per match so you can get one scary pack per day. This will then help players get more characters and have them feel like working and completing there battles every day will payoff and grant them good rewards. As I said earlier the game you made so far is great and the matches and characters are very fun. I love making cool combo attacks and setups to win matches I always feel like I have to do a different strategy every round which I think is pretty cool. I know Im not a game developer or anything but I think that you guys should maybe take this into consideration. Thank You


I completely agree with all of these suggestions. They should really look at this. I sometimes feel like they don’t look at any posts. I have posted multiple times in many topics even my own “2v2 Game mode” I have made many good suggestions and balance changes and not one Moderator or game developer has looked at any of them.