Actual Events

I want this to be a place to float out ideas for how we can incorporate real events and missions into Phobies with exclusive rewards for loyal players. For example, this game needs an absolute bussin Halloween event. Stuff for the month, week, and day of Halloween. It should be like Christmas for this game. Yearly new Phobie for that day, a special card pack, double exp, tears, coffee ect…

Let’s help the devs with real thought out ways to make this game better. We are a very niche community so let’s try to get this game out there.


^ This

On a serious note im a casual, like super casual i watch people talk about the game more than i play it why? Because i dont have time im a really busy guy and i have almost no time for anything besides the mandatory.
I love this game alot but i feels like im missing out especially right now because of those damn speedolas! So an event would be nice for the casuals like me so we dont feel like were missing out on the fun without having to grind everyday, because yes this game is very grindy.

Absolutely! I really think events would draw in the more casual player audience.

Just saw something that would potentially work for an event. It’s a few months old, but I wanted to make sure the devs have a chance to see this. It’s a link to a thoughtful event put together by a fan. Hopefully this could be a building block for a real event. Just replace the @ with an h. Hope this can be helpful.