No Halloween?

Today is October 31, Halloween. Here we all are with nothing special at all for essentially the holiday for Phobies. It is truly sad that the devs and whole team let us down on this. I was hoping for at least a special deal in the store for today or maybe something special free. Double XP or rewards for the day at very least. That’s been a random thing we’ve seen in the past, yet we don’t have anything at all. This was the chance for a big event or a sale or a chance to announce something, yet we got nothing. Such a huge missed opportunity here. I would have loved to been able to buy something unique on Halloween only or something. There’s no way I’m the only feels this way and someone should say it. I don’t mean to be rude or unkind, but Devs, you’ve really let the Phobies community down today. Please do better for the community. It’s so sad that today of all days we have nothing special. Hopefully things will be different if I’m still playing this time next year and/or Phobies is still around.


I thought there was gonna be something too…

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Hopefully they will make up for it with a Nightmare Before Christmas kind of event.

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They ran events and sales all month for Halloween, didn’t they?

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Depends on what you mean by event. There were sales, but then again there are sales every month. Mainly disappointed that there nothing special for Halloween itself.

They did an update with new units, 2 special offers, 3 sales, a costume contest, an earn portraits via jacks event, and on Halloween day they did Discord trivia for premium currency.

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Outside of the costume contest (which doesn’t affect the game at all) I think we got more this summer from alien update.

You may be right. For the future, I hope we get in-game events along the lines of special modes or something like that, that would be fun!

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Yes!!! That’s exactly the kind of stuff I want! I am hoping for something good this Christmas :crossed_fingers:

We’re sorry to hear about the disappointment regarding the Halloween season.
With Christmas coming up or any holiday in general, could you guys provide certain things that you may like to see that could make holiday events more enjoyable?

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It was shocking to me that there wasn’t at least a token log-in bonus of some XP or Tears for Halloween, the phobiest holiday to ever induce phobia.

Personally, an excuse to grind for the holidays would be fun. Maybe remove tear cap as like a Christmas bonus for two days?

Could also try a little “advent calendar” of an extra jack or so every day during December, or some kind of lil treat.


I think doing specific missions to earn a temporary currency for the holidays with a special section in the shop that only accepts it and give players a chance to pick what upgrade cards they want or have a card packs that only have certain phobies in them to guarantee that players can get a specific phobie or upgrade certain phobies

@stabberjabber We did a whole month of Halloween celebration, starting with the Carnival of Fears update, which contains a lot of Halloween related changes in the lobby, Vendy, the Jacks, etc. This Halloween update also included new Phobies, maps, and challenges. Apart from the update, we also did a weekly Halloween sales and special offers. On top of those, we had community events like the Low Cost Cosplay and Halloween Discord Raffle as well. Basically, we celebrated Halloween for the whole month of October!

I hear what you’re saying. However, new maps is a standard at this point. We get a new one basically every week. It’s more of the fact that there wasn’t anything special on the day of Halloween itself. The month was nice, don’t get me wrong. But as evidenced by the community and that you are responding to this, there a significant amount of players that were expecting something special to the day of Halloween itself. However, I appreciate the acknowledgement of some of the community’s discontent by responding. Hope we can have a real nightmare before Christmas kind of thing for December and something for Christmas Eve/Day itself.