Arena bot (Joshua)

Around the last 20 arenas I’ve played, the game sets me to play against this Joshua bot and I’ve won once against him, and two times in which i was about to win and the game crashed, then it counted it as a loss, can anything be done to fix that, since i want to play arenas but apparently the game wants to put me against this guy only

Hey Martinb2000!

With the bots, you tend to see them more if you’re on a loss-streak. As you build up MMR you should see more players open up and become more available to you.

Are you able to post screenshots of your previously played matches if possible?

Also, i was going well on my win/loss streak, and now it just seems as if the game is trying to prevent me from advancing to the next league

Hey there!

Thank you for your patience. I would say that that looks like a pretty normal match history! If you notice Joshua claiming ALL of the matches, I would definitely follow up in this thread here. :slight_smile:

I will close this thread for now but if you find any trouble, please don’t hesitate to create a new one.