Bot Stopped Working

I wanted to report a bug. its about arena fighting, its been happenimg to me 6 times in total. everytime the enemy bot’s heart health is under 600 and im about to win, the game somehow stopped and the bot didnt do anything after i submitted my turn, so ill have to reload my game and lose points because they considered me as forfeited the game. I hope the devs can fix it soon, here’s the picture for a clue to find the bug. Thanks in advance

Thank you for the report. We will look into and might reach out through private message for more information to try to help pinpoint the bug.


Looks like this got fixed today. So will be in the next build we release.


Don’t worry, you are still earning your rewards! Sometimes arena games are freezing locally if the opponent completes the game on their turn. This happens often when playing against the AI for technical reasons. The server is still recording the game as complete and both players are getting all the rewards they deserve.