Shortening Arena Mode

Hello! I’ve already posted this suggestion in the server but was suggested to refer this to here by @Cats. The suggestion is to shorten the Arena mode and optimize it while still keeping its integrity as a strategic deathmatch. The thing is, it seems too similar to Async mode with little to no changes other than the 60 second timer. That’s why I suggest these changes:

#1. Lesser Keys: As of right now, the number of keys in Arena is 24 (25 if you’re the second player) in small maps, which is the same as the number of keys in Async. Again, considering that it’s supposed to be a deathmatch, I believe it should be lower. 21 keys for the first player and 22 for the second should be fine. This makes it so that players are more conservant with their keys instead of utilising them carelessly because they get less keys than Async mode. However, keeping it as 39 and 41 keys for bigger maps is fine.

#2. Time Reduction Per Undo: Reducing the time you have per move by 1/2/3 seconds every time you use undo. Given that you are punished for taking too much time, I think this would be perfect in making sure players make their moves wisely. It retains strategy while keeping the pressure of moving faster.

I initially had another suggestion about reducing the timer as well and letting players choose maps, but I think these are fine for now. Let me know what you think.


alooo I’m Elmonix I also want to make a suggestion why do a few moments I had a very bad experience with an opponent and it’s that I seem anxious, well what happened is that the game The game took longer than it should have until it reached 48 turns and as time passes very slowly, like a minute each turn, it gave me a lot of anxiety.I have the duel replay.My suggestion is to shorten the time faster when the other player hasn’t done anything for 4 turns so that this incident doesn’t happen again, my anxiety was very high during that time. Thanks I love phobies.

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Uhh from what I understand, arena mode is supposed the live pvp experience of the usual async mode. So, I don’t think implementing a different rule set for this mode is the way to go.

Also, respectfully, suggesting that players be punished for trying to optimize their turn is a pretty bad idea.

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I fully understand! Arena is meant to be a live PvP mode, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be slow. Punishing players for trying to optimize their move will only encourage the players to spend more effort and think more about their move rather than just experimenting or moving carelessly. If you don’t want that and wanna take it slow and easy, you always have Async.

If you get punished for undoing your move, people are going to think longer about their moves so they don’t have to undo them, and turns are going to take longer. A punishment for that just seems silly.
If you don’t have enough time to play an Arena match, play an Async match.

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Well, when you think about it, Phobies is like playing chess. You don’t ask your opponent to make his move faster while he’s thinking and strategizing right? These kind of games can be anxiety inducing but thinking of your strategy can’t be hastened as you need time to think. :slight_smile:

Async takes a lot longer on average to complete than Arena. However, I do now feel like Arena is fine, it just appeals to another audience. There could be another arena gamemode that is basically an ultra deathmatch with less time, undoing reduces time and maybe even less keys. Would be pretty chaotic.

i agree, i cant do arena just for the fact im mental and having to sit there and watch the other persons thinking process makes me want to chuck my fone across the room

but why do we have to watch the whole thing? people moving the same piece back and forth the whole turn, i just need results, very frusterating

turns are the same time, just some people finish faster

Just add option for to select small map or larger in arena and async

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