I think my async battles are broken

I’ve queued for async battles for like a week ago but it doesn’t get a match for that long. Can you know what would be the problem? It seems a bug to me. Kindly see the screenshot and I hope it helps (I guess).

My matches are timing out and its becoming rarer for me to get into arena matches. I assume it’s because people are quitting but I don’t know that for sure. Could just be cause the game’s new? But that’s the first time I’ve seen that.

Yep I guess it’s because the game is new. But I wonder why I didn’t match with the active players like Ryuchi, JJ, or other players that seems climbing in leaderboards. I didn’t even match with you @Klepto.

I forgot. For devs:

Username: Deiro
Platform: Android - POCO X3 Pro

Are your matches still open? If so I can try matching with you now.

Yes it is still open. That’s the state of my async battle in my account.

Just tried twice I’m matched with Gab

Yep, as I expected. I think it is bugged. I’ll just wait for the devs to notice this. Thanks for your help buddy.

Hi @Deiro that is indeed odd. Can you please provide me with these details:

  • What is your Phobies In-Game Name?
  • What device model are you playing the game on?
  • What Operating System and version are you using?
  • Was it working fine before?
  • Do you remember if you did something specific before this started happening or it started happening after a maintenance, etc.?
  • Please describe the issue and what you’re experiencing step by step.
  • My in-game name is Deiro.
  • The device that I’m playing with is POCO X3 Pro - M2102J20SG.
  • The OS of my phone is MIUI Global 12.5.7
  • It is working fine before but when I queued up for 5 matches of async battles 2 days before maintenance, my async battles doesn’t seem to connect with other player’s async battles. Majority of my on going async matches are as good as done. I can still play arena matches but not on my new queued async. Only the async battle on my game is affected by this bug.

This is all for me @NekoRei
Hoping you can fix my game.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Deiro, There is a rare bug where an async game can get stuck when its created. Thanks for reporting and we will try to deal with this as soon as we can. We will likely delete those pending games from the server in order to fix it quickly for you. Since they don’t have a match yet it will not affect any of your stats.

Stay tuned

H Deiro,

We just checked and indeed it was the same bug that is fixed in our next release coming soon. We have deleted those pending games so you should be good to play now. Let us know if you have any problems.


Oh nice! It is fixed. Thanks @Boss ! I appreciate it. More power to you guys and to the game. Cheers!