Audio issues (iPhone)

Hi I’m new to the game and loving it but have been playing with no audio, I’ve attempted to clear the apps data, uninstall, restart my phone (iPhone) and install again but still no audio. Is this a common bug with an easy fix ? Any help greatly appreciated.

The volume is on, right?

Hey @Duskul, we’re sorry to hear about this issue
to assist you with your issue please email the following information:

  • your IGN (ingame name)
  • platform that you play on (in your case Iphone)
  • OS (e.g IOS 11, IOS 12 etc)
  • description of the issue and the steps you took for it to happen
  • lastly a video of the issue

With some iOS devices there might be a switch on the left or right side of the phone.
I know when I used to play a lot of mobile games if it was down, I wouldn’t get any audio. I’d check to see if that switch has been toggled off or on. :slight_smile:

Hey there.

Reaching out to see if you are still experiencing audio trouble.