No audio in game

No audio what so ever when I open the game through speakers of phone.

If I connect my headphones I do get audio which lags behind a decent amounts say 800ms.
If I then disconnect the headphones the audio shows up on the speakers.

Can’t keep connecting and disconnecting every time plz fix the bug.

Android 13

Hey there!

I believe we received your email, but if you don’t see the response, could you please provide the following information to us at

  • Does the audio play when the audio device is connected?
    What about with no audio device connected?
    Does the audio work on other devices when the headphones are disconnected?

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What Operating System/Version are you using?:
Any screenshots/videos/clips of the error?:
Do you continue to experience any trouble?:

We may also need your logs so we can look further into this issue:
To collect your logs, you can visit this forum link here and scroll down to the device you use to play Phobies.
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