Audio issues

Hello, I am new to the game and wanted to stream it. But playing for two hours now I have no audio. I’ve reinstalled the game, verified files, checked all drivers but still zero audio. If someone could help that would be awesome! Love the game so far.

thanks, moonzer0

Hi Moonzer0

We’re sorry to hear that you are having audio issues and we’d like to look into that further to see if we can fix the issue. First are you playing on PC or mobile (let us know the platform, and the Operating system version - I.e. Windows 10, iOS OS 11, etc.)

If you can email us the platform and summary of the issue to we can help you find the games log files and send those to us which may help us figure out the issue and get you up and running with audio, or get a fix in.

Best Regards

Hi @moonzer0 since we’re already discussing about this concern in the support ticket you opened on Discord, let’s just continue our discussion over there. Thanks :slight_smile:

Closing this thread now.