Battle pass sugestion

Hi Dev team,

I’ve been playing this game and got caught in it by the gameplay which is quite rare these days to get right as a turn based strategy.

My suggestion would be to add something like a battle pass which will be more accesible for the players that do not have too much income to throw into this kinda game, while also providing the game some steady cash flow. (similar to Clash Royale)

My idea would be a battle pass of 5 USD per month which could have the following benefits:
double xp and double daily box, or 10 USD for above benefits plus double daily tears.

This is just a suggestion, you can tune the rewards based on feedback provided on forums.

Have a good day ahead!


I would definitely buy it.

Hey there! The community has definitely expressed interest in a battle pass and it’s definitely something our team has shared for consideration and review.

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