Daily Cap Limitation

I feel, as a new player, that the daily cap takes away my motivation from playing the game. It is already hard to grind and level up phobies free to play wise, much less when all you can get per day is 1000 drops. It is extremely punishing for someone who really wants to invest time in such an awesomely designed game.

I understand that the Devs point of view is to somewhat invite people into buying currency, however, from where I stand I would be more prone to invest if I was in fact addicted to the game. The Cap really pulls that away from me as it does not allow me for playing for long periods of time.

I would gladly appreciate some feedback from the team on this subject.



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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the game! We love knowing what the community thinks as we value our players’ feedback!

I have included your insights in my monthly Feedback report! :slight_smile: