Best 6 key?

What do you guys think are the best 6 keys, I can’t decide because I feel like there’s a good few like klepto, crushmore, octonaughty. But which is the best.


Its attractor lol, hes currently the most broken phobie in the game.

Besides him though id say Klepto, Heimatic Ginsting and crushmore.


attractor for 1 turn cd 3 range aoe pull and hematic has the best stat for 6 key

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In my experience, It’s Mount Crushmore. Not only because of its flinging attack, but it has a lot of health and its attack is quite powerful. I use it a lot.

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For me its Klepto or Cerberus Those two are amazing

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This a rating for my 6 keys

  1. Cerberus : he is very helpful but the problem is his movement speed its very easy to kill him with range units.

  2. Klepto : amazing unit has helped me alot in winning rounds.

  3. Tiny Tim : good for getting panic points and decent damage.

  4. Eratic : a very annoying unit can 2 shot mechanical phobies like bomangles, but when you use eratic his very fun.

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I use Alastor a lot, I still have it at level 7 but it is almost immortal against many phobies. Another one I’d like to try is Rocketman… for only 6 keys it sounds great :+1:

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Actually octonaughty needs a buff, maybe 50 base attack? but my favorite 6 cost is Tiny Tim


Alastor for me is actually pretty good! Like her rad healing ability.

For Me, attractor is the best 6 keys Phobie. It can pull a group of enemy closer.

Alastor is good too, but vulnerable against attack modifier phobies (woolly bully, baby robot or red fairy)

I also like Alastor. She has saved me near the end games a lot. But my favourite is Mount Crushmore. It’s very strong, health and attack wise, attacks over walls, and can remove or create walls. Quite a strong combination.

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