BUFF High Five pls

Hello this is my very first post here and am not sure if if somebody talked about this before but If they did than uhh pls still listen or something.
So High Five I love him in fact his my favorite klepto is second btw but I would like to talk about high fives because of the many things I’ve seen while using and comparing him to other phobies first of all I believe his damage or hp should be buff now don’t get me wrong I know he’s damage and hp are no joke but when I just go look at other phobies I just can’t help but consider it unfair for one he get absolutely beaten by smother mother so badly to the point that it’s abuse, now for the reason that I say such a thing is that Fives is 8 keys while Mother is 9 keys now something like a 1 key difference can really be something and I know that high fives is like that because he is a heart attackers but he is just to weak for one he’s undead now I don,t like undead in fact I say they are the worst type of phobie of course that is my opinion feel free to prove me wrong but what I mainly don’t like about undead is the fact that they can’t be cured of poison which is not such a big deal for low cost undead but is for higher ones over 4 keys , an example that I will be using would be from my one a couple of weeks ago I used him to try and attack my opponents heart in which he got demolish there were many factors that kill melee phobies such as him one being that he get overwhelmed because of 2 tile rangers which is understandable but what I don’t understand is how he does terribly with other melees one instance that occurred to me would be when I was attacking the heart and had been opposed by “primate 4” and “sheeping gas” when I saw this I though for sure that he would be able to survive to which he did not I Believe this happened because of this flaws that should be fixed ONE being that his damage is to low for a melee who can attack around himself he has without a doubt great damage but when we consider the fact that there are many other better choices(not including other phobies to back up) he rarely gets used the only time I’ve used him would be because The enemy is already losing and I use him for fun(no harm meant to the opponent) or if I manage to make a great situation in which he is perfect for, as for that I say I use him about 1 time out of all the matches I play every TWO months which would be around in 79-100 games, in which I always lose that being because his hp and damage for a melee and heart breaker meaning that he will always be surrounded by 2 tile attackers is to low, his stats at level one being hp 2700 damage being 500 including his trait bumping it up to 900(to heat only) instead of those stats what I believe should be done is that both damage and hp should be buffed hp going to 2700 at level one to 2900-3100, damage at level one 500 going to 550 or 600 hundred as for his trait I find would not mind if it were to get nerfed by the same amount of damage is increased example damage bumps up to 600 trait goes from 400 to 300(having his damage to the heart go from 900 to 1000 with his trait not being nerf is something that Is will happily welcome tho😈),now I already know why this might be opposed one being that his hp would be considered to high now if you ask me out of all the games I’ve played I’ve never have used him as a phobie to fend off other phobies its always been with the mindset of having him attack the heart! High Fives having this buff would be great First being that his higher HP and DAMAGE would greatly increase his chance of survivor and also the fact that he won’t be easily outshined by any other phobie when looking melee options. That is all if you had read that unbearable paragraph that I wrote at 2:00 am at night than congratulations you are very patient or caring I wish you see good day BYEEEEEE.