Very unique Ability Idea

HELLOOOOOO IT ME Kimino No one probably knows me but if you do LOVE YOUUUUU! Now let get to the point the ability idea is nothing really knew when looking at the game industry but for phobies it could make players and the people behind it to start doing some pretty zesty stuff, (which is always welcom) now the ability that I thought of would be either called swap or based on the phobie that has the ability for the example we will be using chuck and high-five now the ability would have two phobies in one let says that when you summon them like the holy greek gods that they are it starts off with chuck BUT wait this is where things start to go wild like a dog in heat the ability allows is so that they can switch with there other counter part High-Fives now I know what you might be saying how would that work well thats VERYYYYYYYY simple High-five would come from the sky(heaven) and hit chcuk with his massive arm like a baseball bat sending him off (TEAM ROCKET STYLE TOO)which would deal some damage to themselves now why do you ask well simple because that ability wouldn’t cost a turn yes yes I know how did I come up with such a great idea I truly suprised myself aswell. Ok now getting to the important stuff how would it be like well the concept I had would be similar to Chuck and high-fives now this all depends on key cost, hp, and damage for me I thought of those already (feel free to point anything out and make suggestions) so there will be two phobies in one as mentioned costing around 9 keys and also being rare (A rare 9 key and not a legendary omg how could that be allowed!!) IM LOOKING AT YOU PHOBIE TEAM, either way the one to start of being a 1 tile flyer, 2 tile thrower and being undead (yes I know A 9 key flyer that can throw over thing that sound op!! And for a rare sins have been committed ohh dear lord get the team with the stick of judgment) having stats at level one of an hp of 2000 and damage of 420 including Infecting the tile(INFECTING ALL MY GOOOOOODDDDDD) now infecting the tile is just poison don’t worry but the tile will last 1 turn have a 50 percent chance of poisoning the phobie including allies which deal 210 damage for 4 turns Now to be honest for the next phobie if phobies team was thinking of adding a 10 key cost phobie this would be the best time as for the other phobie would be a monster type that stats at level 1 can moves 3 tiles has a range of 1 hp being 1800 damage being 560 and having the ability to heal itself for 320 every turn. NOW TO EXPLAIN The started would be a supporter that supposed to annoy the enem away while the 2nd phobie is mean to be the traveler and Quick killer and barley live through everything with its ability to heal itself, and to be honest if this type of phobie which keep in mind is one because of the switch ability feel free to make them separate phobies The traveler and quick killer one being 6 to 7 keys of course reduce the healing and hp while for the first one which is to annoy the enemy you can keep him that way or buff him a little bit change a few thing just leave him at 8 keys, as for the swap ability it would have a 2 turn cool down and if poisoned would not be allowed to swap with the other. Now I am getting very tired so that will be all from today goodnight, goodmornig, or good evening to everyone :v: