My new Phobie

Before I show my phobie, I just want you to know that I’m new to phobies so this phobie concept might exist already so please tell me if that’s the case. Also tell me wether it is overpowered or underpowered.

Here is Pow, a pig + cow

Pow is a cow, with a pig head sewed on top. His pig head is old and diseased, so he hides it with a new pig mask. He seems chill and underwhelming, but he has a high temper.

His stats at level 1:
2000 health
2 ground movement
1 attack range
350 attack damage
700 while ability activated
Costs 4 keys
Uncommon rarity

His ability:
The ability RAGE gives him double attack damage (in this case +350) when he is at half health or below. Once half health or below, the ability last forever until he dies or gets healed over half health. While this ability is active, nothing else changes, the same movement, range and race.

I will probably make more of these new phobies as time goes on so I decided to make my first one simple.

Hopefully you liked it and please give me as much feedback as possible :smile:

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Btw he takes his mask off while the ability is active

I think this is an interesting idea. I do think it is overpowered. Would need to be 6 key if it’s gonna keep it’s ability. Look forward to hearing bmore ideas you have!

Too strong. Increase key cost.

You had me at “Pow is a cow”. :joy: Seems like a fun phobie.

As for balance though, it’s just another 4-key melee phobie that dies after you killed a 3-key phobie with it. There are already too many of those. With its 2000 base hp it might do better than say Grimes, but that’s a low fkin bar.

Thx, but it if it is a 6 key, should I increase health

I grateful to see you liked the name and the design but are you suggesting that the health should be increased

Forget the health increase, sry