Can't access game on phone after crashing mid-Practice game

It was a slow night. I started playing a Practice game against Inky on my PC. Then my internet went out.

Now that I was even more bored, I tried to load up Phobies on my phone using my data plan. (LG G5 / Android 7.0) However, it kept giving me an error message upon first booting up. I tried restarting my phone. Same error. I cleared the data/cache. It would allow me to access the sign in screen, but whenever I tried to access my account through a recovery code, it would give me this error, telling me to submit a bug report:

My internet is back now, and I can play Phobies just fine on my PC. (The Practice match seems to have been cancelled.) However, it still won’t work on my phone.

(My in-game name is the same as my forum name, lasercatte.)

Tried again this morning, same bug, just noticed I was supposed to paste this. I noticed that it included several hashes which I’m apprehensive about including in a public forum, so I’ve only included the last few lines which I think are the only ones that are c relevant.

[ 56.178] UserWireSocketComponent::LoginAuthProvider – Failed to login: Canceled promise
[ 56.189] BootflowItemAccount::HandleAuthError: Canceled promise
[ 56.192] GuiManager::ProcessScreensMarkedForCleanup – mem used 182333440
[ 56.202] BootflowState::HandleBootflowItemError: Canceled promise
[ 56.207] GuiManager::ProcessScreensMarkedForCleanup – mem used 182464512

Also, I remembered that the last thing I did while logged in on mobile was idle on an async turn. I finished taking that turn later on PC. When I returned to mobile after the internet outage described above, it offered me a popup with the “reload” button, which didn’t work.

This may be the same issue as this thread? But it’s been about ten hours since this happened to me, and it’s still bugged. [forums] t/something-about-playing-on-multiple-devices-and-leave-the-game-before-submitting-the-turn-without-actually-closing-the-game-maybe-idk/2491

Hey there @lasercatte ! I am sorry this happened to you today but don’t worry, we will do our best to assist you and make your game work again!

However, we might need to get more information from you so can you please send your concern with all the details you have right now to our customer support email so we can assist you further:

Thanks NekoRei. I’ve sent an email to that address.

Hey laser! Just updating here that I have indeed received and responded to your emails!
I’ll continue our conversation via email but will post updates both here once it’s been resolved as well as once it’s resolved in our email discussion!

Thanks to all the customer support specialists who replied here! It is really reassuring to know that Phobies has such excellent customer support.

While I was getting the logs, I noticed that my Android was very low on internal storage. I moved some things around to free up more space, updated Phobies, and then successfully logged in just now!

Thank you for your time. I’ve really enjoyed playing Phobies and it’s good to know that it’s backed by such a responsive team.

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Thank you for the kind words! We’re very happy that the game is working as intended for you.
Our team is always happy to investigate and help! :slight_smile:

I will close this thread for now but please don’t hesitate to open a new one should any trouble pop up!