Coffee Grinding

Supposedly, they’re thinking of developing a level 1 only mode, so that might give you some hope.

I almost quit the game because of how bad that felt as well, but I’m still fighting SOME people that are not too much stronger than I am. I’ve actually managed to win quite a few games where my Murderwing couldn’t one shot Jar Cannon - it was unfortunate, but I had no choice but to find a way to get an extra hit in somehow.

The stat difference does get alleviated a bit at level 10 since the stat differences between levels becomes less significant as you level up. And if you look at the top players, sometimes the number 1 player can be 40+ Stress levels lower than the 2nd and 3rd ranked, which shows that the game balances out again once you start hitting max level with some Phobies, even if not all of them.

I also feel the current level system is a waste of the otherwise good balance as well, but I suppose I see being the underdog as a fun challenge, and just forfeit if it’s too obviously mismatched.

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I would be completely down for this, except I would like to have rewards available. There could be a daily limit, but it’s an opportunity to earn some coffee each day. The devs can determine how many ads need to be watched to gain say 10 coffee a day. I would be all for it. Would really help f2p players and help the devs collect some ad revenue.

I got into Phobies sometime in May and ABSOLUTELY LOVE this strategy game. Have reccomended to friends, some of whom now play and have actually played more than me at this point. But what I can’t get over is how hard it is to get coffee as well as how terrible I feel by “wasting” my coffee when I spend 300 every other week and come away with nothing new more often than not. So frustrating that the devs still haven’t addressed any of this in the past several months. I literally joined this forum hoping I could help bring some change about. Perhaps even encourage frenemies matches. Have those matches not count towards the tear cap and/or worth more. (both tears and coffee, like double coffee for frenemies matches) I think it could really be like giving the game a whole new mode and create more interaction in this small community of serious Phobies players. I want this game to stay around and be better so badly because I really do love this game.