Grinding for caffeine

I gotta say, it feels like the cost for the horrific and dreadful packs are waaay too steep, especially considering you only get 5 coffee per win. I know you can get bulk coffee from the weekly challenges, but still.

If it were me, I would balance it to be like 300 for terrifying pack, 800 for horrific and 1500 for dreadful, at most.

I play a lot, I usually reach the XP or tears cap every day before I stop and it’s taken me about a month to be able to get the terrifying pack, meaning it would be nearly half a year for the dreadful.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right? If you design your game so that players have to commit that much time to getting the premier pack, then you just leave them with a sense of hopelessness that often makes them quit the game. I really hope the devs see this and either scale down the caffeine packs costs or double the caffeine gained from wins.

Let me know if anyone agrees with me or has a good reason why it shouldn’t change :slightly_smiling_face:


I can agree with this it would really suck if I had to grind a year for one pack and not be able to get the card I want from it. And it’s never fun to go against PPL that just throw money and buy coffee to power push throw there games.