Compliments should also be made!

I have noticed that 99% of the comments here are criticisms, suggestions or bug reports, I myself have posted some comments criticizing, and giving suggestions, but you developers also deserve to receive positive feedback. Indeed the game is beautiful, detailed graphics, amazing effects, stunning maps and a significant variety of characters for a newly released game. Congratulations, you can see the care you took with the details in the game, with the fluidity, with the synchronization of accounts for different devices and loading of progress. Really the game is very complete, of course, it is possible to expand much more and I see an absurd potential for this game. I’ve said this in other reviews but I’ll say it again, it’s one of the best turn-based strategy games I’ve ever played, if not the best. Congratulations on the work. Keep innovating and improving this amazing game.


That’s a very good point @brbrbr333 !
Throwing my compliments here too, i’m amazed at how performant this game is, really the game boots up in a few seconds, navigating between screens in your base is seamless and instant, never seen any fps drop, nor latency while playing arena, and compared to everything else i played, this game drains very little battery.

So kudos on the performance :clap: , it’s noticeable you took extra steps to ensure this runs great, because i’ve seen way simpler games, with basic graphics and gameplay drag the performance through the mud and make my cellphone hot enough to cook an egg on it.


well the devs seem to open to feedback which is really nice. but i’ll wait until we get an update to see what they actually do with that information.

the game is fine. it just has some issues to work out.

the glaring one everyone mentions is obtaining units.

the game can be fun without every unit… but lets be real. the people with that “good” units are certainly going to find it easier to have fun than the people without.

i dont generally have high hopes for mobile games. they all seem to follow the same fate and none of them want to break from the typical pay to play model. but we will see… hopefully soon


I like this game. It just needs to be balanced and fair.