Currency and Experience Caps Suck

I have found that tears are a common currency. And the purple blob stuff is like experience. I feel that capping the amount you can receive in game is similar to punishing the player for taking the time to play the game. It also means if you want to upgrade cards and get new cards that the company and developers have decided that you will HAVE to pay to even get a small boost. Or you will have to wait a ridiculously long time to be able to obtain anything useful.

I’ve noticed this, and I’ve only been playing for a total of like 3-4 hours.

I’m not even certain I want to continue with investing my time in the game considering the future looks pretty slow and gruelling.

Am I wrong or misunderstanding something?

There are daily caps for every currency (100 for coffee, 1250 for tears, experience cap depends on account progression).

Pros of the current system:

  • player who play 1 hour per day are not far behind players who play 10 hours per day
  • it encourages you to do something else, making the game less addicting

Cons of the current system:

  • it’s impossible to catch up players who spend plenty of money on this game

Luckily there are not many opponents who have significant advantage (at least I am usually matched against someone with similar strength). I suppose the game would be more discouraging without caps, because players who play 16 hours per day would be invincible. That way you can focus on enjoying the game instead of grinding it.

But yeah, paying users and catching up are definitely a problem. Separate problem, but still a problem.

As the above mentioned, there are daily caps for those currencies.

There are also seasonal rewards that reward users for playing more games! ( Win or lose, which are great! )
If you hit the cap, you can receive a really great prize pack that contains chances of pulling more phobies, too!

I see a good point of makin a cap on the experience that grows with the account progress.

But coffe cap and tears cap have to be changed right now, you don’t have any reward after 2 hours of playin and that makes you change to another acitivity or in other case to another game >;

The point of giving a limit on experience cap seems useful for the matchmaking of the game but its pointless to influence the loot box game with the clown or the tears packets, really you have to farm 3 days to pick 1 packet of lvl 3 cards

Maybe someone with money will come with a cofee krakem and make the best strategies, that will be a problem when this community grows