Please, improve the Quest system

Here is my thoughts about the Quest system as it is right now.

Some days, you get the best quests, 3 easy quests with great rewards. It takes you maybe an hour, and everything is all done. You had fun playing and had rewards that made you progress.

Some other days, you get crappy ones. Long, hard, unrewarding quests. It takes you 2-3 hours, you need to continue playing even if you reached your caps, just to complete those quests. That takes a great amount of the fun out.

I know, we can reroll one quest. But if the luck isn’t on your side, many times, you shouldn’t reroll, because the quest you can get could be better… but is often worse.

Here is a sad example of what just happened to me. I’m dying a little bit on the inside at the moment…

I had today 3 great quests today. Had to deal some damage with a phobie, take 3 control points with some other, and kill 3 dimensionals with Murder wings. Pretty chill, and great rewards, i’ll get Murder wings cards ! Nice !

I accidentally rerolled my Murder wing quest (I was at 2/3 completed). I was really sad and angry at myself. Like really. I hate my big fingers. I really wanted to complete that quest.

The worst part : I got as a replacement… to capture 12 (TWELVE !) capture point with none other than BAD SUSHI.

Really… 12… with Bad sushi. One of the worst phobie ever to my opinion, that I don’t use and dislike as hell. With 1 movement point. 12 captures…

I rarely use this phobie since I can spend 3 keys for better, less situational phobies.
So I have to almost sacrifice … maybe what ? If I’m lucky, I can capture 2 points with it before the enemy kills it. So 6 match to get crappy rewards (remember, I don’t use that phobie… no use in getting more upgrade cards).

I went from best quest ever : Getting murder wings upgrade cards as an easy reward… to getting Bad sushi cards after an herculean effort, which will probably result in 5 or 6 game lost to wasting 3 keys.

Could there be more rerolls ? Or an option to undo the reroll ? Or to see for what you will reroll ?

I’m really saddened to have lost those 29 upgrade cards for Murder Wings, to instead get Bad Sushi cards… Since that would be unrealistic to ask for those upgrade cards, I wish there could be an improvement to the quest system.

(Sorry, I don’t post often on the forum, so I’m not sure how it all works yet.)

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