Quests on this patch

First of all, hello everyone

I have a lot of suggestions to improve the game strategy and content, but this post is about quests and the way we have to complete them.

Ok, first of all, quests are about doing certain things daily, which forces you to play an exact phobie sometimes, or do something to the enemies/allies. It will be nice to do it while fighting random players if there was a non-rank game mode, but it doesn’t exist yet.

For some strange reason, We are not able to do the daily quests with Frenemies. Or maybe my game is really bug. That’s so annoying, cause I started playing this with a friend and we enjoyed the “daily quest time”, talking about strategies while doing it.

So we have to do it in ranked games, (async or arena).
It bothers me a lot, cause I have to break my strategy to put in those “daily things” that make me lose points and waste my time on Phobies.

I do not want to do dumb things and lose games, cause I work and don’t have all the time to spend on killing certain phobies with useless moves and throw games and rank to get some stuff.

Thanks for reading this, and hope you fix it soon.


Yeah you’ve got a point, I feel really frustrated when I get quests about using a character that I don’t like to use. Every time I re-roll the quest, a similar one appears with another character that I also don’t like. It would be cool if quests were more focused on for example, doing a certain amount of damage to phobies. It would still be nice to have quests about doing specific stuff with specific phobies, but maybe make it less probable to appear or as you said, add an unranked option.

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Yeah I also do quests with my friends but now it does not count. Can you fix it because it’s a huge xp and cards farm. If we can’t farm resources, what is the point of spending my time in game ?

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