Did not receive new Phobie from Terrifying pack


I recently got 300 coffee to purchase a terrifying pack. However, when i opened this, I did not receive a new phobie, where I am sure that there are quite a few even common phobies that I missing.
Is this as intended or am I experiencing an issue? I have opened 4 Uneasy packs after that, and still did not receive a new character.
To my knowledge is there supposed to be a guaranteed new phobie after every couple of packs? Especially the higher tiers?

My in name game is “Chaunky” Would anyone be able to help

Hey there.

Do you recall the contents of your pack?
You should be able to see the average odds of the packs by clicking the “i” before purchasing them.
For the Terrifying Pack, you can refer to this page here:
Terrifying Pack - Phobies

Yes I should have received at least one phobie. As I only have 25, and there are common ones I am still missing. My account name is Chaunky

Was this your first terrifying pack?
You’re not guarantied new phobies when you open packs with the exception of the first time you open each one.