New player

I bought my first terrifying pack and got no new phobie , i got upgrades only please check it .
ingame username - Haildred

Hello @Haildred When opening packs, it is not a guarantee you get a new phobie every time.

But here it says it’s a guranteed uncommon in first terrifying pack

Hey Haildred.

Do you recall what exactly the pack contained? You mentioned upgrades, do you recall which ones?
Which uncommons do you already have in your arsenal?

I got upgrades for ginsting .

for uncommons I have Grave digger , Murder wing , Sheeping gas (for free at start of game) and venus (from scary pack) and ginsting (from stress level unlock )

Hey Haildred. Thank you for your patience. I’ve brought this up to our team and we’re currently looking into it. We’ll update with a response as soon as we receive one.


An update on this thread.
Our team has investigated and concluded that there definitely should have been a new phobie with the purchase.
We have compensated you with 300 coffee and appreciate you reporting this bug to us. :slight_smile:

I am now closing this thread as this concern is now resolved!