Pack guarantees

Terrifying Packs have a guarantee that you’ll get Phobies from both of the scratch cards, when you first open it. However, after that there’s no guarantee and it’s all a matter of luck. I’m very unlucky and most of the time I don’t get even one Phobie. Do Horrific Packs also have a first-time guarantee? Because if they do, I’ll buy a Horrific Pack this time.

For Pack Odds & Information:

Terrifying Pack
Horrific Pack
Dreadful Pack

Clicking on the “i” icon when clicking on the pack will open those links and provide you with the information for the packs respectively. :slight_smile:

What does “Every 1.5 packs you can expect to receive a new Phobie” in the Terrifying Pack info page mean?

That may be a question best asked to our team over on our Discord. Unfortunately other than that page, I don’t have the insight that could answer that question for you. I do apologize for that. They should be able to provide a better answer there for you. :slight_smile:
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