[Discuss] What was your first impression of Phobies?

When I saw the trailer I thought it was a good game. I thought I’d play it for a few hours and then get bored.

But now that I’ve been playing it for days, I can say that it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.
Good Job SGI Inc. :smiley:


Is the show (Aaaah!) Real Monsters?

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I love the lippy, the voice, the way he talks, all!!!

I never seen a game like this (with this feature that you can play whatever you can, you don’t need to be online), I liked

maybe will we haver a translation for pt-br? would be nice call my friends to play, but in english its hard for them


First I was absolutely in love with Lippy. I saw that the art style and characters fit the same theme and I was pleasantly surprised to see the budget didn’t end with Dr. Lipp-n-Furter. What came next was something I wasn’t quite ready for, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced: The Fart Sheep.

When I saw the characters are categorized as “Fears” I realized that behind this goofy appearance there was some deeper character and world development. These weren’t just doodles, they’re fully fleshed out real fears come to life in a brave way.

Seeing backrounds from endless cubicles, to the dreaded locker room. Even a coliseum of mannequins centered around social media obsession. This is fear-inducing stuff, for real. But in the context of Phobies it feels empowering to laugh at. Especially right now. There’s some magic happening here and I think that deserves recognition.

Enjoying the game so far! Cheers.


If the game doesn’t balance the match making it’s gonna be pay to win.

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I was instantly reminded of the game Duelyst. Which I found when searching for a game that was similar to what they played in Star Wars on the Hologram table.

Very awesome strategy game. I like that I keep seeing new units and I am always suprized by the unique art.

Keep it up guys!


I love how Sheeping Gas is representative of the environment being bad for the environment. :joy: First impressions… honestly seemed a bit generic and I downloaded it just to stave off curiosity, thinking it would just be another collection and auto-battle game.

Wow, was I wrong. The opening cutscene drew me in immediately with all those prominent ‘fear factors’ jabbing away at the screen. Lippy is a fun and enterprising host (reminding me of Amicus Arcane from the Haunted Mansion and, obviously, Frank’n’Furter). The designs and abilities and strategy are just great.

Thank you for a fun game!

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My guess / impression from the trailer and images was “Collectible card game with fun horror theme, and turn based combat. Looks like Disgaea mixed with Heartstone” and i love the Disgaea franchise. Was not dissapointed, i do feel the art and the music are very in synch with Disgaea.


pokemon tactics

actually what initially made me download the game was… many moons ago i used to play marvel hero clix…

and wizkids had a short lived failed game called “creepy clix” or something along those lines.
and it was basically a horror themed version of hero clix with monsters and stuff

this instantly reminded me of that. so i downloaded it

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I found this game by chance on the Google Play store, I looked at the screenshots and I thought ‘oh this looks interesting, I might as well try it and see where this goes’, I also skimmed through the reviews that are on the Google Play store’s page and then, I downloaded the game. (six days ago) Needless to say, I love this game and the phobies are cute to look at. I’ve also spent/invested about $125 dollars in Google Play cards and I am more then willing to spend more money on this game because it’s quite addicting!!! Keep up the amazing work you guys!!!

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Mine was, a game with fears, kinda like a mix of Yu-Gi-Oh and Fire Emblem Heroes.

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When I saw the trailer i thought it was like chrono trigger with monsters and aliens

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It is the best game forever. It’s like you mix Clash Royale and Chess, replace the characters with monsters and make it x1000 better.

Scacchi innovativo e con una tematica e dei disegni veramente bellissimi! Complimenti :relaxed::heart_eyes:

Razor mouth. I love cats.

It seemed like a basic horror game to me, terror phobias and the subconscious and such, but at the same time I felt an attraction for the character design of the covers and with other factors that fueled my desire to try it, and here I am in this small but nice community

Weird, but …

When I first downloaded and opened up Phobies, I saw the animation of Lippy and liked it so far. However, when I first saw the gameplay, I thought it was weird. I didn’t initially like the font style of the cards nor the cards section in the Phobies tab. I didn’t like the layout of the game because it was different than all the other games. So I deleted the game.

However, just after deleting the game, I kept getting visuals of the gameplay in my head from time to time, with Sheeping Gas using its gas attacks and special attacks, the Bat’s special attacks, and other remember-able Phobies. It kind of felt satisfying when thinking about them. It was weird when I first played, but I still found some Phobies satisfying when they attacked.

So I re-downloaded Phobies to check out these specific Phobies again. I started to slowly observe everything a little more: the layout of the game, Map, the nice animation of each Phobies, the cards information: the Health, Range, Movement, and Damage symbols to get comfortable with the statistics, etc. After using more of the favorite Phobies that I was imagining, I started to enjoy the battles, and the entire mechanics of the game, more and more.

I loved specifically the Staremaster Phobie because of its simple and cute appearance, and powerful stats. This was my first Phobie I enjoyed playing with and I still do! :slight_smile: Now, I have many other favorite Phobies, and I hope to get more and more from the Album of Phobies.

I loved every monster I came across and loved how imaginative characters and character abilities are.