Distinguish between enemy's in attack range and in movement then attack range

Currently, when you click on an enemy you can see the entire range that the enemy can reach. This includes both its attack range without moving and its attack range after moving. Please use some kind of visual distinction that showcases attack range without moving which would imply being attacked twice and attack range after moving which would imply being attacked once.

This will help users decide to stay within double attack range or single attack range or to be completely out of attack range.


Hey there!

This is a great suggestion. I can definitely bring it up to the team during a sync and see what they think / will consider of it. :slight_smile:

Our team is always appreciative of feedback and suggestions, too!

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Thanks for submitting your suggestion/s ! We appreciate our playerbase’s recommendations in improving the game, but do note that not all suggestions could make it into the game as it depends on how feasible it is to include in the game, and if the team thinks your suggestion is good it could potentially take a while to see it in the game.

Anyway, I have added your suggestion/s in my monthly Community Suggestions report! :slight_smile: