Improved Danger Zone suggestion

Hi! New player here and love the game.

For community readers, “Danger Zone” is the red area that appears when you select an enemy and it shows you their total possible attack ranges, including attacking after moving.

This works well in most games of this genre, but as anyone who plays Phobies knows, there is a massive difference if the enemy attacks twice instead of moving and attacking. I propose that the enemy’s “double attack” range be highlighted in red, and their “move & attack” range be a lighter red or pink.

I saw another post discussing another QOL improvement regarding Danger Zone tiles too. I’m not allowed to post the link, but its title is “Red Tiles Suggestion”. Perhaps these could both be implemented in the same update for efficiency.

TLDR: Change Danger Zone (Red tiles when enemy is selected) to display different colors for “double attack” range and “move & attack” range.

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IMO there should be no danger zones. It sorts of reduces the ability to surprise your opponent with a good tactical move

Edit: I mean there is no such thing in chess.


Thanks for your thoughts! It’s sort of a standard for this genre though. Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Advance Wars etc. all have it as a feature.

I think the idea is that this is basic information, and you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to retrieve it since it’s necessary to get to the actual strategical planning.

Phobies can be a pretty deep game even with all the information laid out, as the 50 Challenge puzzles demonstrate. Pretty sure there aren’t any players that just beat them all in one try without having to test things out a bit.