Does rank mode need changing?

(I took a break from the game and rank mode might’ve changed in that time so I might be wrong on some things. I’m only making this tweet to just hear others opinions on the rank mode.)

I feel like rank mode it too forgiving. It’s just very hard to get demoted from a faction. You don’t lose a lot of points when you lose a match and victory points doesn’t diminish value as you climb up factions. It especially sucks when your fighting people who are WAY out of your league.

I would really like to hear other peoples opinion on this?

Honestly, yeah, i have 8-10 phobies and im on doomsday 3, and i very often see 10-13 phobies when im fighting and sometimes even 13-15 phobies, and now i dont want to go to sum of all fears, because that would make me fear the ACTUAL sums of all fears (hopeloy, karth…) ik the game gives 10 points when you win or lose, but some players win too often and get to higher leagues underleveled, but idk how to fix this

Your already helping by creating discussion. All we need to do is get more people to respond until a developer hears us.