Is lvl1 mode going to be implemented?

Hello there, I’d like to ask if lvl1 mode is ever going to be implemented into the game. I’m currently lvl 60 and have to almost constantly compete against players at least 10 lvls higher than me. I like this game a lot but situations where players can simply rush me with no repercussions or when my pre planned strategy completely fails because my phobies “Aren’t strong enough” is becoming more and more frustrating. I’d like to have a mode where I could compete against players in a mostly skill based scenario (The number of phobies still plays a part but it can be overlooked) and not having to constantly use damage buffs just to be able to pull of a move. I believe that many players share my feelings on the matter as it can also go other way around where you are constantly pitted against players who are much lower level than you and where losing is actually a challenge.

I wish everyone a phobious day :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a good idea. I like it

There is a level 1 mode in Frenemies you can utilize.

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Absolutely. This is the almost the only problem I have with Phobies, and it ruins the experience. If it weren’t for this, I would spend a lot of time and money on this game, as well as recommending it to my friends. My father and I have both spoken out regarding this as well as countless other members. Hopefully this movement will change someday.

I do understand that it would be hard to remove phobie levels in any way because of players who have spent incredible sums of money, so I give some leeway to the devs.

The level 1 mode could just be a mode you play for the glory, I would even play it without getting any rewards for winning lvl1 matches. I feel like we just need a matchmaking system for lvl1 matches and a separate leaderboard, that’s all!