Dreadful pack be like :

Me thinking i will get something decent or good

Sockassin, morty, kaboom, leshy


I got a morty last nigt🥲

Delete and quit im sorry but that’s the only option if you wouldn’t want to reroll

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None of these guys are bad (the only one I agree with is leshy)

Sockassin isn’t very exciting, but actually really good - great against Grave Digger during the early stages for example (and also trades 1 for 1 with muffin a lot which opens up poison to be better later).

Morty is a bit meh, but can at least be used for sniping units that get close to your vault (which can have a large impact) and is also sometimes fine as a fast unit to support a push or heart rush.

KABOOM is not bad at all, it can be used as a strong zoning unit, and it combines really well with meta stuff like Attractor, Akira, Le Shovell or Fantome to create some nasty combo’s.

Leshy is the only one out of those that really sucks, such a garbo unit. :joy: