Dreadful Pack Opening

:cowboy_hat_face: idk what to think (at least I wanted Sparky and I think Morty is good, idk about the other one)

Morty is one of the worst UR and tick is not that good kind of a L but sparky good but still kinda mid sorry😕

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First of all, i would say “Wow, that was amazing. In one pull, you got 2 UR”

Morty can do several things, like it can secure panic points (3 flying movements) and has huge damage. It can do a final blow.

I don’t have any experience with Tick. But, it is fun Phobie ( i think)


Ticks buff has made it a lot better, i recommend giving it a shot. Morty is quite situational. Its can be useful as a heartrusher or a spawn sniper especially when comboed with brony. Its main problem is its horrible at zoning cause it just gets one shot by electrics and its a melee.

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bro it reminds me of the time when i got morty in the blue barzilla pack.

wow i just realized its possible to get 2 ult rares in a pack 0_0

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ig u think he sucks but to me, he’s a lifesaver


Thank u to everyone, I think I didn’t have the best luck but I’m trying them and they are really fun!

Now Idk if I should buy another Dreadful Pack or buy 2 Horrific and 1 Terrifying.

I just wanna get new Phobies tbh

best pack to get new phobies is the green octo pack. Cheap, and u can get alot of phobies

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It depends on what youre looking for, the 300 coffee terrifying pack has the best odds of getting any unit, but the dreadful pack has the best odds of getting rarer units. If you use 300 packs you will get more but most will be common /uncommon. And if youre running low on commons/uncommons i definitely recommend going for dreadfuls instead

I wouldnt go for an 800 horrific pack outside of the first one, the odds on it arent as good as the other two

Honestly if I got TWO ultra rares in one pack I would not care what I got.

I am sorry, Morty is awesome. Great movement and damage, i got him recently and i won several matches by him.

He’s not trash but he is very situational, and i mean there not bad but compared to other UR there uhhhhhh lets just say golden garbage