[Event] Phobies Map Maker

We’re giving you an opportunity to design a map in Phobies! Put on your thinking cap, and create a strategic map good enough to be implemented in the game!


  1. Design a themed map for Phobies! It can either be a small or large map, but make sure to use the following dimensions:
  • Small Map Dimension: 5x9

  • Large map Dimension: 9x9

** Also consider adding obstacles and special map tiles (lava, damage boost, etc.) if you want

  1. Indicate where the spawn points are and player bases/hearts.

  2. The map design can be digitally made or hand-drawn, the important thing is that the image is clear.
    NOTE: If it’s hand-draw, you can submit a scanned image or take a photo of it but make sure the image is sharp and has even lighting

  3. Post your map design in this forum thread

  4. Include the following on with your entry

  • title/name of the map
  • your In-Game Name
  • indicate whether it’s a small or large map
  • theme

** Maximum 2 entries* per forum account and IGN.*

Criteria for judging:

50% Creativity – this refers to the map creatively plays and whether it’s balanced
20% Aesthetics - How it looks
20% Suitability for matches
10% Uniqueness, Originality


5 GRAND WINNERS – 25,000 Coffee Beans (each) + a chance for their maps to be included in the game

Last Date for Submission:

August 8, 2022 at 9:00 PST

Announcement of Winners:

August 26, 2022


should it be any particular theme and any limit for panic points?

no limit on panic points and any theme

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Title: Weald

IGN: Cobbies


Can I ask for your opinion about this.


Wait so with themes i can put absolutly anything like i could say bird or somerhing like that or does it have to be themes with the game?

Theme as in, similar to the maps that we already have, those have themes, right? Like Mysomania is a bit industrial, then there’s a classroom theme, etc.

Reposting due to incomplete map

Map Name: Thalassophobia
IGN: Abused_Salad
Map type: Large
Theme: Deep Sea

Red dots= Stim pads
Black dots= Pitfalls
Pink dots= Health Pools
Hearts= Enemy/Self heart
X= Panic points
K= Enemy/Self keyhole (Spawn)

Thank you for this opportunity and best of luck to all who enter!

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So would my 2 work so like underground and bedroom?


yeahp, just like that. :slight_smile:


Title: Claustrophobic
IGN: fried
Size: Large
Theme: City of Rocks

Grey - Obstacle
Red Bolt - Stim
Pink Tile - Heal
X with Blue - Left Sided Panic Point
X with Orange - Right Sided Panic Point

Ok thank you :slight_smile: that rlly helped me with the maps and i am now done also for a new challenge you could do a phobie creation so like a new monster

IGN: Cobbies



Hiya there :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Excuse the non-existence aesthetics cause i cant draw
However I’d like for this complicated map design to be considered
Also if its going to be released, i hope you only allow level 30+ to access these levels due to balance & fairness and also probably a-sync only will be a great idea due to complicated design. at least for me this will be a very challenging map to play with but i would like to have an opportunity to play such map
I have tried to adjust balance to the best of my ability (Just a doomsday II player)
Such as only making odd number of tiles to decrease possibility of stalemate although it can still happen.
The “Theme” here is just lore i have in mind, you may change it with available theme
All the maps are in the Large 9x9 ones

With that said, here are the ideas i come up with :melting_face:

Map Legend

Blue is Destructible Block tile
Black is Hole
Pink is Health Pool
Red with thunder is Boost Pad
Gold with key tile is Key Spawn
Orange is lava pad
White Tile is Regular Tile

Maps :

Dark hole Theme 9x9

The idea of this map is to have differing options to strike enemy and more utilizing air units. the panic point damage on this map should be increased than the usual 200-225 to 300-350. for equal pressure between direct attack to heart or panic point dominance
both player will have easily defend 2 nearby panic point ensuring a good start for everyone and also ease up those who are new to the game
The main flaw of this map design is that the one without air enemy will be sitting duck, so adding path to the middle capture is a good idea for balance sake
however aesthetically, probably having a capture in the middle of the black hole seems like a beautiful idea

City Theme 9x9

The idea of monster wrecking havoc and destroying city building on late silent night is a nice idea in my opinion
I wish to try a map which has a lot of destructible tiles and make a lot of possibility when being played. although this will not be super friendly to newcomer and a lot of thinking required when being played on arena. the time for arena on this map needs to be increased by a lot due to variety it can hold. 7 tiles make it more friendly for small keys focused player and fast units. and also holes to make it more risky to contest the north side of map. south side can be contested too however you need tile breaker for that or flying unit. south is really difficult but the prize is owning the enemy’s boost pad
players with more phobies that able to destroy stuff may have advantage. but this can also make tile destroying phobies more valuable and also adding more of phobies with this ability a good idea (wink wink)

Jungle Theme 9x9

Would you like flying units to capture fast? or slow crawling land units to plow through the jungle as the real one in life will be…
The theme is like the tiki jungle with exposed lava around
This map is really generous to those who own flying units and tile breaker as the focus on this map is more to control of the boost pads as it gives safety and denial to panic point capture. 1 panic point is harder to contest, and one is easier.
The panic point will establish a safe ground to contest mid. and also a lot of push-pull phobies will spawn in this map making them more viable than the pure damage types. those stat pad can also be denied by push-pull type phobies, making it more challenging and less camp-behind-the-wall

The flaw is that This map will be broken if flying unit with 3 range attack appears in the game and also its not intuitive at first glance. needs a lot of thinking which makes this unsuitable for arena

In case i actually win something :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Nom de la carte : Hylophobia
IGN ; Tigrounet
Type de carte : Petite carte
Thème : Perdu en forêt

Touche De Carte :

  • Coeur : Sois-même / ennemie
  • K : Trou de serrure, sois-même / ennemie
  • X : Points de panique
  • Case grise : Obstacles (arbre)
  • Case orange : lave
  • Case violette : Bassins de santé
  • Case détaillée : Zone de boost

Map name: claustrophobia
Theme: workplace with thousands eyes watching
Large map

Green:panic point
Pink:healing spa
Yellow:stim pad

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Entry #1:

Name: Ptophobic Battle
IGN: JellyMiaou
Map size: Large
Theme: Volcano

On this map your worst fear is near, you might fall but it won’t be the end of all.
Dominate the center don’t let them enter. you might think grave digger is a stinger but don’t get over your head or you might end up dead.
~ Lippy probably

waterfall on pink tile= healing spa
Lava like texture = lava
Blue target on white tile= panic points
Brown rock texture= obstacle

Edit 2: map’s main idea-

The mini island in the center can only be accessed with 3 moves unit in 1 turn but you can open shortcuts with grave diger and use flyers to approach from different angles and whoever controls the center has the ability to retreat to the nearby healing spa. taking a panic point put your phobies at risk of falling to the abyss hence the name ptophobia (fear of falling)

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Map name: Rock Bottom
IGN: Buchtaak2233
Map size: Big map
Theme: Rocky abyss