[Event] Phobies Map Maker

Hello, I am CUQC13, I have come to participate in this event known as ‘‘Phobies Map Maker’’, this being my second entry. My In-Game Name is (worth the redundancy) CUQC13

On this occasion I have come to apply for my proposal for a ‘‘Long Map’’ with an industrial mechanical theme; I decided to call it ‘‘The Factory’’ although I was more inspired by the mechanical phobies especially the machines known under the acronym of Heavo.
After analyzing it and verifying that it is fair for both parties, I suggest this arrangement for the map (which I captured in the image) but it can be implemented in any other if you wish. Accommodation is intended for hand-to-hand combat or all-out warfare, but a devastating force or a siege on the heart could change the situation; the rush are useless if you don’t have flying units or wall breakers but the real firefight is for the imaginary and reinforcements.

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Map Name: Happy Place

Map Theme: Social Anxiety ( A screaming, spawling, and aggresive hellscape, similar to maps like magmificent. )

Map Size: Small Map

IGN: Evereaux

Size (small)
Theme (Christmas)
IGN (:_SamSam_:)
MAP: (Ho!Ho!Horror!)

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Map Title: Alien’s Battleground
IGN: Mitsuri
Map Size: Big (9 x 9)
Theme: Science Fiction - Aliens

This map has a total of 7 panic points as opposed to the usual 5 panic points for a big map. The map is designed to put players to their wits in thinning out forces to either capture panic points or sieze the opportunity to divide and conquer the army. In addition, the map offers flexibility for engagement at different areas that calls for unique strategies to take advantage of the terrain. The question that remains is can you hold your ground in this galactic battleground and emerge as the victor?

Without altering transparency of obstacles:


Entry 2

Title: Cage fight

IGN: Lukr3d

Map: Small map

Theme: A fighting ring with crowds egging on the participants, destroyed phobies litter the stage as combatants battle for central control of the stage in an ever growing brawl.

  • A fast paced and simple map where there is only one more potent panic point in the centre, this panic point deals more damage than normal points (x2/x3 times more than normal) this is to contrast some of the existing maps that can end up being a slow battle of attrition

  • You have to make risky pushes in order to alleviate the building pressure of playing too defensively

  • The map is close quarters and does not leave much breathing room for phobies that cannot fly

  • The cages can be removed by mount crushmore and grave digger to give yourself more space to position yourself around the edges, or to speed up your slower more bulkier units towards the late game by removing the ones next to your key

  • The middle panic point cannot be obtained round one by units such as snowball or murderwing, so positioning for the most effective secure of the middle panic point is key

  • Turn one droney is very strong on the map, but is an inefficient use of keys and removes your ability to pull him out later in the game for quick unexpected secures


The name of my map is terror room, it is set in what would be iatrophobia (fear of everything related to medicine, therefore hospitals) the map has multiple abysses that are marked with holes, an obstacle that are the chairs of wheels and the equipment of the operating room, I know that it is not the one with the best visual appearance, but it is well balanced (from my point of view of course) I hope you like it.

Map layout:

Map Name: STAGE FRIGHT (small map)

Theme: spooky scary stadium

  • All of the obstacles in the center of the map make up a stage, with stairs on both sides
  • The obstacles on both sides, next to the hearts and vaults, would be empty seats, facing the stage
  • The background could be the same as “Eternal Monday” or “like and subscribe”, with the little screen people starring at the stage

Thanks for the consideration!

(Ign: Playrhimself)


Entry #1

Map Name - I am watching you
IGN - gamer24x7
Map Type - Large Map
Map Theme - Similar to “Opticon”

Opticon themed map did not have abyss tiles, so created the map layout using phobos theme obstacles and abyss tiles. But this map idea looks great with Opticon theme as the heart and the obstacles above it in this map makes the shape of the eye and eyebrows. The background and theme of Opticon would be perfect for this.

Entry #2

Map Name - Maze-o-Magic (MoM)
IGN - gamer24x7
Map Type - Small Map
Map Theme - Similar to “The Big House”

Name of the map: Rosalynium
(Name of origin: Rose and Asylum)

IGN: KingVelYRosa

Large map 9x9

Theme: Blooming Beautiful Rose Garden with a touch of Darkness

Important Context and Mechanics of the Map.

*This map values the importance of utility and support phobies. This would also challenge both player on how they would approach a certain situation and divide there forces to either go on one side or the other.

*Pre captured panic points. At the start of the match the colored panic points are already captured by their respective color.

*Obstacles. As you can see, there are two types of obstacle in the map. The square pillars are your typical obstacle that can ONLY be destroyed by “Grave Digger”,“Mount Crushmore” and others with similar ability. On the other hand there are three MountCrushmore Statue. These are breakable obstacle that can be destroy by any attacks. Reason for this is to prolong the early rush & capture of many panic points.

Feel free to disregard the two mechanics I mentioned above. The map would still playout almost the same but with different strategy I envision.


This is my Second Entry

Name of the Map: “CHAnfusion”

(Name of Origin: Cha + Confusion. Cha is the name of an ex-V-Tuber Cha and currently a Phobie Streamer. There’s currently a meme at Cha’s Discord Server where we make Cha puns. I found it funny so…)

In Game Name: KingVelYRosa

Small Map 5x9

Theme: Fortune Teller. (eg. Clocks, Hourglasses, Confused Eyes, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards and other items that symbolizes fortune telling, hypnotism and confusion.)

Context of the map.
*Think carefully where you summon your Phobie.


This is my idea :slight_smile: gl to everyone!

Oh by the way, my username is the same as my name in game.

Title - Eyes of abyss

Player - Aza0

Small map

Theme - Abyss/Void
eyes of abyss

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Map name: Claustrophobia (Small map, relatively tight corridors leading out to a dangerous center surrounded in lava, can be changed if this name has been used).
IGN: imasaru
Size: Small
Theme: Industrial, obstacles being seemingly overbearing/filling of the terrain they are on.
Key is included on the picture of the map

Map Name: Ruthless Tundra
IGN: imasaru
Size: Large
Theme: Icy forest (Obstacles would be things like snow-covered pine trees and large heaps of snow)
Short description: Beware where you step when you enter the ruthless tundra that the Yetis of this realm live within… A single step can lead you to a gorgeous relaxing spa, or tumbling deep down an endless hole of death. Only masters of this place are capable of traversing it seamlessly.
KEY FOR MAP: Blue = friendly keyhole. Red = enemy keyhole. Purple = Friendly heart. Orange = enemy heart. Green = panic points. Black = Obstacles (type explained in theme section). Grey = void. Pink = Healing spa. Yellow = Stim Pad.

Map name: Lippy Treasury
IGN: iEdgarMC
Map type : Small
Theme: vault


Map name: Devil’s garden
Obstacles: monstrous plants
Special obstacles near lava: Fountain made of lava
IGN: Dreigon


Map Name: Anthophobia
Map Type: Large
Theme: Giant Garden
IGN: SouLonTwitch

Concept Art: Anthophobia is literally the “fear of flowers”, the name comes from the position of lava on this map that reminds of flowers’ petals, obstacles as the stem and the player’s heart in the centre as the pistil.
I imagined a map that gives the scary feeling of being very small in a garden that feels like a jungle from your perspective, so the floor is made of abnormal grass and obstacles are brambles, vines, ivy, etc…

The map has been made to be PvP ready, I’ve tested it a little with my community on Twitch and we found several very good openings with the possibility for a good counterplay for the player going second.

Hope you enjoy it, good luck everyone for the challenge! :smiley:


entry 1
title: The Fox’s Den
in-game name: techy_cat
map size: large
theme: Kumiho Forest (or just “forest”)

red dots - stim pads
black dots - obstacles
purple dots - healing spa
x’s - panic points
hearts - hearts
keyholes - vaults
gray section of map - cave section (just décor)
foxes - fox tiles (see below and I hope making new tiles doesn’t break any rules)

fox tiles:
Fox tiles are special tiles. This map was designed around these tiles (see design notes below). This tile at the end of each round does 3 things in this order: First, the fox tile moves one tile closer to the closest monster. If there is a tie, it will choose the monster with the slowest movement speed. The fox tile cannot move to any tile with another non-blank tile or a tile with an obstacle. Second, the fox tile will pull any adjacent monster onto it. If there is multiple adjacent monsters, it chooses the monster with lowest movement speed. Why not just make the fox tile move a second time? Well, this pulling mechanism prevents players from using non-blank tiles as safe spots from the fox tile and also matches the theme too. Third and last, the fox tile deals 300 damage to whatever unlucky monster ends up on top of it. 300 damage may not seem like much, but considering that monsters only move every other turn that 300 damage can change to 600 before you can even do anything. The fox tile is able to keep up with slower units, so it is safe to say that the fox tile heavily encourages faster monsters.

design notes:

fox tile safe zones - Up near the hearts, one may notice two tiles on either side that cannot be reach by the foxes as they are surround by a panic point, stim pad, and obstacle. There is many places where fox tile safe zones could be made using grave digger and could be destroyed in the same way. This adds a minor base building aspect.

panic point cave - At the bottom of the map is a jar looking cave with three panic points in it. This is a trap and trying to enter it early game will likely end with your troop getting butchered by the foxes. If you want to go ahead and try nobody is stopping you, except the foxes of course.

foxes start on the right side? - It may seem unbalance that the foxes start somewhat to the side of the map, but when the red team takes the first turn the foxes will only have one target so they will immediately move to the left side thus centering them in the middle for blue team’s first turn.

healing spots - With the foxes and massive amount of panic points, these healing spots will literally be a life saver.

far away hearts - With the hearts far from spawn, sneak attacks and charges on the enemy heart is an ideal way to win. The stim pads have been placed close enough to the hearts for most range units, so getting your Staremaster to the enemy heart will do huge damage (1600 per turn).

possible obstacles:

  • bush
  • thorns
  • tree stump
  • trees (on edges of map so not to block player vision)
    cave section:
  • fox den littered with rocks.
  • It is marked with gray instead of the green that the rest of the map is colored in.

Map name: The Bridge
Map size: Large
Theme: The entrance to the castle of a terrible phobie

IGN: Jinsushie

Black square ~> Obstacle
Pink X ~> Panic Point
Red swirl ~> Lava tile
Red heart ~> enemy/self anxiety heart
Lightning icon ~> Stim pads
Green and bege icon ~> Keyholes
Star icon ~> Healing Spa
Grey ~> Abyss