[Exclusive Offer] Heavo Plaid Ultra Rare

Nothing beats Plaid!

So pick up your Ultra-Rare, Ultra Red, Heavo Plaid in the “It’s Plaid” Exclusive Offer from April 8 to April 30!


Where’s the status of him?

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The mechanical race has taken 3 out of 6 9-key phobies… Something must be done, or the balance of powers will start to crumble



why do they love heavo so much :sob:

Top 3 phobies the game absolutely loves
1-razor mouth

honestly razor mouth should be at number 3 and heavo at number one

Naaaaah razor mouth is THE mascot for this game, its THE thing on the logo and it had… 4 VERSIONS of himself before heavo

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yeah but now they don’t even really do anything with it anymore. it’s only kind of the mascot of the game, because usually they use Vendy as a mascot.