Who deserves more variants?

After I saw Heavo plaid, I started to wonder. What Phobie do you want to get more variants? In my opinion, I think Staremaster deserve some.

Reasons: bomangles have, so why he cant?

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Hmm how about Smiley? But with poison effect.

Eternal knight

Idk why

But itd seem cool with different weapons

this would be better as a reskin and, if remember correctly, someone has already proposed the reskin’s option for phobies

I don’t really like reskins/recolors. I think variants like Cupcake/ Hercules are pretty fun because they at least add something and make it different.

What if they are an achievement reward?

?? please elaborate???

Someone already proposed the idea of achievements (I forgot to say that), what if you get as a reward a special skin for one of your phobies?

could be cool I guess

I think that a Minotaur variant could turn out to be really cool