Extra level in high ranks

Hello forums! Lately I’ve been having some issues regarding the level difference at high ranks. I consider myself a high rank player (modesty aside) being in the top 20 arena and in my case I have never gotten an ultra rare phobie (except for Jar Cannon). I’ve been playing the game since its release and I think it’s one of my favorite games right now. Lately I have realized that my card levels are much lower than usual since I meet people with cards at level 13-19-20 and to give an example my maximum level in a card is 9. Although It is true that the game and its goal are still starting, it is quite frustrating when mechanics that should appear do not do so due to a huge difference in card levels (ex: killing Jar cannon with Murder wing’s ability). I write this to see if there are more users who have the same opinion due to similar experiences. :))