Phobe idea

Hey guys! Too lazy to draw rn (expect drawn ideas later) but I have an idea, a 7 key rare phobe. It looks like a cage. It has no attack, 2 walking movment, 1000 health, and the ability “FREEZE”. The ability is 1 range and traps an enemy phobe inside it. When the cage dies, the phobe is released where the cage was. He is a mech and is called “Lockum”. Whats your thoughts?

I believe there is a slime phobie that completely stops other phobies and you gotta knock him off or destroy him but he moves at 1 and doesn’t attack. Sound like your kinda guy but I forgot how many keys it is. (Side story: I was playing a game and he was the last guy and we both had the last phobies but I was winning, he got on my phobie cuz I miscalculated and the game ended cuz I couldn’t do anything so he won).

I understand that but my idea is that it can move and must be killed and whereever the cage is killed thats where the enemy phobe is dropped