XP bug since Frankensale event!

Few days ago i bought the suscription to the game, which give daily double (18 jacks to open) and 50% XP by the battles. this extra XP always help to open jacks quickly.
Since the Frankensale event im not receiving the extra XP at the moment to open jacks making very hard to complete the double jacks that im paying for.

Here we can see that XP bonus isnt applying to the jacks like before the event. only adding the 91 XP to the jacks meter.

We will need more details regarding this so we may assist you further. Please email us with all the details (including the screenshots) at community@smokingguninc.com :slight_smile:

Following up!
If you continue to experiencing trouble with this issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to community@smokingguninc.com so we can investigate this for you.